Thursday, September 2, 2010

First Blog

So I'm an avid computer science fan and I love viewing all the lovely internet forums that I come across. I have discovered so many amazing things since I've started using the internet forums and I've grown quite old over the past 4 or so years that I've spent on them. I've never had a blog before so I'm giving this a shot to see how popular it can be since I've been hearing about all these "viral videos" and whatnot on that Good Morning America lately.



  1. i love computers as well, atm i'm rockin an alienware m17x, core i7 820QM, 6 gb DDR3 1333mhz, dual ati mobility radeon 4870HDs crossfirex, and 750gb HDD @ 7.25k in jbod .

  2. hiya! and welcome to blogger! blogger is a place where everyone can be friends and as friends, we all help each other by supporting each other. enjoy your day!