Thursday, September 9, 2010

Another day, another... Ahh, F**k it.

Computers and technology, as we all know, can be a double edged sword. We all love so much to enjoy our morning coffee/energy drink/soy-based protein substitute whatnots while reaching our hand deep into that random "boobox" (yes, a "Hook" reference) of both sheer idiocy and delight. While the majority of savvy internet users are very much alert to the dangers that lurk out on the world wide web, most Facebook reading and pop-up clicking sheep, are not.

As I awoke to my lovely barrage of emergency morning phone calls about how they woke up to find this new fun little present on their computer. The rogue antivirus/spyware called AntiVirus 2010 or what the hell ever is running ever rampant amongst the not-so-savvy (see:sheep) which in turn is going to make me a little bit of pocket change. At the same time, I got about an hour and a half less of sleep than I would have liked.

Is it really that difficult to comprehend? How many millionth visitors or free laptops do you think they can really give away? To top it all off, my printer is completely out of black ink so I'll have to run to the computer lab early this morning to print off my revised essay for my Nazi-esque teacher in order to keep out of the gasser.

tl;dr While I appreciate the money from fixing your computers, please use some common sense while browsing the interwebs.


  1. Daniel, morning! <3
    my sis's pc used to have 3 antivirus softwares, so cute.

  2. Yeah, pretty sad people don't take the time do even do a basic common sense check before they click.

  3. I'd hoped the elusive 'digital common sense' would have caught on, but according to the horrible shape my Mother's computer is in, it's not looking good.

    At least you get to make some cash, I just have to put up with her whining :p

  4. Some pleople are just dumb... "Win a free Macbook!" "Become world leader clicking now!"
    the ones that rages me most are the facebook pages like "OMG I can't believe what this guy wrote on his wall!" and the like...
    Hey you should check my blog it's on my profile, I got a lot of cool stuff there! I'd really appreciate if you check it out.

  5. that's something I definitely have to try!

  6. i hate buying printer ink, it's so expensive!

  7. Stuff like this sways me away from having a career in computers.

  8. I hate that thing, I don't know how the fuck to remove it without just reformatting, which isn't a HUGE deal, just time I'd rather not spend on it.

  9. This is like reading an alter ego blog post.

  10. @Garbanian the easiest way is actually really simple.

    Go into the %root%\%Windows%\system32 folder, find taskmgr.exe and copy it to the desktop then re-name it to iexplore.exe then open it, voila task manager to end the weirdly named processes until you find the right one.

    After you do that, go into the registry and clear out suspicious items in the Run folders and added policies in msconfig.

    Easy peasy ;p